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Dr. Monique Andrews & Dr. Tamara MacIntyre have dedicated their lives to serving others, to elevating understanding and expanding consciousness through education, mentorship and community.


Our Retreats offer an opportunity for exploring and realizing your highest potential. We create a safe space to step into your gifts while focusing on personal growth and new strategies to care for self and others. Your guides will encourage the strengthening of your relationship with ‘self’ and ‘spirit’ by facilitating conscious exploration of who you are as a person..


This unique, small group experience will include movement, meditation, self-inquiry, workshops and embodied exploration in a private Costa Rican beach jungle retreat.


March 12-18th, 2023

Marketing Mastermind

Special Guest Molly Cahill

JULY 16-22th, 2023

"Healing Hands, Healing Horses"

Special Guest Jay Komarek

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“A lot happened in this trip, so much so that I felt totally reborn and ready to take on life through a new lens. One that I have been working so hard to “get to.” But what I learned is I have been there all along.”

Tori Z,

Costa Retreat June 2021

“My heart is so incredibly full of love, joy, and gratitude for the women I was able to share this experience with. We danced, we sang, we learned, we grew, we played, we loved, and so much more. Dr. Monique Andrews and Dr. Tamara MacIntyre, I am so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with you.”

Lauren W, Costa Retreat June 2021

"YES!!!! Hands down one of the most transformational experiences of my life, with who better then these two incredible women!" 

Jess H, student

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