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Accomplish your wildest goals while building community & reclaiming freedom in your life.



We believe who you are as a person precedes who you are as a _______.

Let's be real: health care professionals can be wildly divisive and for many of us recent global events have made that feeling of disconnection and confusion even more profound.

Whether you're a seasoned, doc, a therapist on the cusp of graduation feeling insecure about where to even start or a professional in transition, we started The Prana Foundation to help ease your path

With 40+ years in health care, we've experienced the burnout, dissatisfaction, disconnection (and yes, sexism) that this profession brings with it and witness it daily with our mentees, students and colleagues. 

We believe that with intention, education and heart-centered community we can transform the delivery of health care from the inside-out. 

It is our mission, through The Prana Foundation, to cultivate an engaged, supportive community that fosters healing, growth and the fullest expression of our realized selves through continuing education, a professional community and personal development .


The kind of community that values who you are as a person above all else and seeks always to inspire your great unfolding. 

"We've been sheparding others on this path for 20 years. You know what you get when you work with us. Let us help you elevate your life to one that you can be proud of, to a life that can only be seen as a masterpiece." 

Dr Mac


Dr Megan Toner
Dr Meg Southern
Laura Magee (Student, Southern California of Health Sciences)
Dr Joe Thompson, Doctor
Dr Abigail Petkov, Doctor
Dr Ashley Gonzales
Dr Trevor Parker Peterson, Doctor
Dr Bekka Kuzichev
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It's the essence that sustains us from the moment of conception until our last breath. Yet whether guided by misaligned ambitions, burdened by stress, or simply lost on our journey, we all experience moments of disconnection from the regenerative power of this abundant life force.

At the Prana Foundation, our mission is to turn that connection back on again. 

How can we adequately explain seeing someone TRANSCEND their limiting beliefs?⁣⁣
How can we describe the process of serving from a place of LOVE instead of ego?⁣⁣
How can we possibly relay the experience of watching another humans’s SOUL expand?⁣⁣



" It’s kinda funny for me to look back now at how much Transitions played a role in helping me decide my future after Chiropractic school. I did the program in my last 3 months of chiropractic school. When i entered into the program, I was completely lost about what to do upon graduation. I remember Dr. Mo guaranteeing that, regardless of what I decided, the road would become clear during the program.

And so it did. Dr. Mo and Dr. Mac have an incredible way of holding space for you while you’re figuring life out, all the while asking the right questions to help you find the right answers. They focus on what’s best for you rather than giving cookie-cutter advice to everyone. They allow you to truly create and find your path.

I always thought I would be an associate. I didn’t have the desire nor confidence of opening up my own practice as a new grad. I’m now grateful to say that I just finished my first week of practice in my new office in my dream location, largely due to the help and clarity of the Prana Transitions group. Thanks Dr. Mo and Mac for (yet again) impacting my life so incredibly. "

Dr Nikki Kielkowicz

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